Monday, July 24, 2006

Positive Aspects of Dyslexia

* Dyslectics are often able to understand complex ideas and have a good overview.

* They can often see several aspects of a problem at the same time.

* They usually have a good spatial awareness and can see three dimensional objects from every direction, without moving themselves.

* They can use the potential of the brain to change their perceptions and to create new possibilities.

* They are extremely aware of their surroundings and have sharp visual and analytic capabilities.

* They are more curious than the average person.

* They think mainly in images instead of words.

* Their thought processing and perception is multidimensional as they use all their senses.

* They can experience their inner world as reality with their strong imaginative power.

As a dyslexic, I have experienced many of those aspects personally. The most profound positive for me is the ability to perceive and process in multiple dimensions at once. This one skill makes dyslexics who have been taught to visually process written language (i.e. through NLP) such good knowledge acquisition specialists. (It's also why we run circles around everyone else during brainstorming sessions.)