Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Finally! The real reason AOL was a spam haven.

Yahoo! News - US Charges AOL Worker Sold Customer List for Spam

I guess we now know why and how new AOL accounts would begin receiving spam within days - even hours - of being created. Figures!


Grow the coffee decaffeinate

Grow a decaffeinated cuppa: Brazilians discover bushes without the buzz.

Why decaffeinate it when you can grow it decaffeinated?!? I still don't think I'll start drinking coffee anytime soon. Seems utterly superfluous to me.


Amazing... I guess everyone really does love a good scandal

Clinton book mania explodes on the Web | CNET

Ok, ok. I admit that I enjoyed reading Hilary's book. I think I'll wait for ole Billy Bob to come out in paperback though. He's definately a good story teller. He's certianly had a lot of practice!


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Steve Sizemore's Weblog

Steve Sizemore's Weblog

Props go out to Steve for helping me finally take the plunge into a Gmail account from Google.

Hey and he's a fan of Firefox and Thunderbird. Just further proof he's a cool guy.


Monday, June 21, 2004

The air cleaners I have in my home

The Oreck Super Air 8 Professional Air purifiers permanent filter quietly cleans the air in your home of allergens, dust and dirt.

A couple folks who visited my house have asked what air cleaners I use in the house to tackle the Texas rag-weed problem. All of them are from Oreck. Back in Mississippi I had ones from Sunbeam that are now discontinued.

The big unit I have from Oreck at the top of the stairs has been discontinued and they replaced it in their product line-up with their new Super Air 8 units. But it does take 2 of the Air 8 units to equal 1 of the older style whole house units. That said, the Super Air units are wall mountable whereas the big unit is relegated to the floor.

I also have 2 Super Air 8 units - 1 in my bedroom and 1 in my home office.

On average I have to clean the filter plates every 3 weeks. I found that Sprayway window cleaner is the most effective at getting the plates clean. After taking a look at Oreck's proprietary "Assail-a-Cell" I think it's probably very close to the same thing. And Sprayway is much cheaper... just a couple bucks for a big can at Wal-Mart.


Thieves becoming even more brazen

Blaggers lift 60 CCTV cameras | The Register

Ok, now the article I linked to earlier this week about the PCs being stolen from the Asia Securitex show was funny b/c of it's shear irony. But this one is almost scarey in the crooks brazeness. Stealing 60 closed circuit cameras while being told to leave the premises via loudspeakers and knowing you're bring watched is just... well... brazen.


Friday, June 18, 2004

Who knew! Maybe I can go back home to our farming community and get an IT job. - Wi-Fi farming expected to catch on - Jun 18, 2004

Wonder if there are any farmers out there who are looking for IT Directors for their farms?

Yahoo! News - Texas to Set Up Wi-Fi Access at Rest Stops

Texas to Set Up Wi-Fi Access at Rest Stops

Of all the places I expected to find internet access at a rest stop, Texas wouldn't be it. But coming soon to a Texas rest stop near you, Wi-Fi. Hopefully many states will follow suit. Hello North Carolina can you hear me?!?


Thursday, June 17, 2004

Thieves lift PCs from security show

Thieves lift PCs from security show | The Register

Ok, now anyone with a bit of sense of humor has to appreciate the shear irony of this. And I have a suspicion that the culprits probably have quite a wit about them.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

How much is that hoax in the window?

Apparently there are still a few gullible people on the internet. (Ha!)

Today I received a new version of the "Bill Gates is giving away his fortune" email. Ugh. Do you really think that rich boy is going to share any of his loot with us normal folk? Please.

So before you forward that next email, check to see if it's legit.

Until next time!

- Davoice