Monday, June 21, 2004

The air cleaners I have in my home

The Oreck Super Air 8 Professional Air purifiers permanent filter quietly cleans the air in your home of allergens, dust and dirt.

A couple folks who visited my house have asked what air cleaners I use in the house to tackle the Texas rag-weed problem. All of them are from Oreck. Back in Mississippi I had ones from Sunbeam that are now discontinued.

The big unit I have from Oreck at the top of the stairs has been discontinued and they replaced it in their product line-up with their new Super Air 8 units. But it does take 2 of the Air 8 units to equal 1 of the older style whole house units. That said, the Super Air units are wall mountable whereas the big unit is relegated to the floor.

I also have 2 Super Air 8 units - 1 in my bedroom and 1 in my home office.

On average I have to clean the filter plates every 3 weeks. I found that Sprayway window cleaner is the most effective at getting the plates clean. After taking a look at Oreck's proprietary "Assail-a-Cell" I think it's probably very close to the same thing. And Sprayway is much cheaper... just a couple bucks for a big can at Wal-Mart.