Tuesday, September 02, 2008

5 Devices That Spell Trouble For Your Comcast Bandwidth Cap

NewTeeVee posts an article this month that will become increasingly important as the "unlimited" bandwidth freeforall on residential broadband accounts comes abruptly to an end on most providers.
One of the problems with Comcast’s new 250 GB bandwidth cap is that, as Om points out on GigaOM, it’s metered without a meter. Comcast doesn’t provide you with a central tally of all your data use. The company instead suggests its customers install bandwidth metering software on their machines and then add up the numbers. Its FAQ reads: “Customers using multiple PCs should just be aware that they will need to measure and combine their total monthly usage in order to identify the data usage for their entire account.” Got multiple home machines consuming data every day? Better bust out that spreadsheet — and get ready for some wild guesstimates. After all, you can’t just install a bandwidth metering application on your Slingbox.
Read the rest over at NewTeeVee.