Friday, September 21, 2007

Autism is Reversible

Autism is Reversible. A controversial statement for sure but for thousands of parents it is exactly the seed of hope that the Lord has ordained for this time.

As someone who had to learn to live within their own body and the constraints thereof, the basics of the biomedical intervention methods that trailblazing doctors and parents are pioneering resonate with me.

I am one of potentially millions of Americans who are enzyme deficient... my body simply doesn't make enough viable enzymes for me to digest certain things. Pretty much all products that come from a cow are off limits for me - both meat and milk. Same goes for any meats that are vibrant red and for eggs of any kind.

So how does that relate to autism? Simple: Foods are chemicals. That is a fundamental concept that most people would rather not entertain. Regardless, every piece of food you place in your mouth causes some sort of chemical reaction in the body.

The base theories being investigated in autism healing at the moment center around those chemical reactions - specifically often from wheat and dairy, and potentially triggered by mercury - are responsible for the core physiological problems that cause the range of symptoms that get lumped into the diagnosis called autism.

Cause for trigger is yet unknown but likely candidates are theorized to be a buildup of heavy metals in our bodies and environment, immune system overload from inoculation with live viruses and viral material, and exposure to bacteria and bacterioforms.

If you are a parent of a child who has been diagnosed with autism, take hope! And fire your existing doctor! (Because if you're reading this and it's news to you, you need a new one.)

Here are 2 good starter resources for learning more about the problems and potential treatments: