Friday, June 01, 2007

Response to Angels and Applied Reasoning

Acts 12:1-18
So here's a weird one for you... When Peter's followers were praying for him to get out of jail and he showed up at the door of Mary, Mother of Mark, (b/c the Lord had already gotten him out of jail thanks to another angel), Rhoda didn't let him in b/c the others said "it must be his angel".

That's a rather nonchalant response to an angel at the door don't ya think? In every other biblical account of an angel appearing, the first response was fear and awe. Could it be that in the early church Angels appearing were commonplace in the period immediately proceeding Jesus' death?

Beyond that, how would they think his angel would look just like him? And if Peter had an angel that looked just like him, are we all assigned an angel that looks just like us? If we're assigned an angel that looks like us, does that mean satan originally looked like someone? Could he have appeared to Eve in the Garden as herself? Before the fall of the angels, was satan - as the chief angel - assigned to be Adam and/or Eve's angels? Could the disfigurement punishment meted out for him tempting them have been removing his ability to look like his assignee?

[Questions to which I don't have clear answers of course.]