Monday, June 20, 2005

Things you didn’t know about VoIP has put together an interesting list of things we probably did not know about VoIP. For instance, in April 2005, there were 1,229,411 searches for VoIP on Yahoo Search. Or that at present, there are seven companies paying around $4 per click for the term VoIP, and that’s on Yahoo network alone. The new math of new VoIP-con-omy is that old fashioned phrases like “phone service” gets a max bid of $2.92 and that’s from Vonage. “Verizon” keyword costs $1.19 while “Vonage” cots $2.19.

Two points
  • The only people making money from VoIP: search engine and text ad companies.
  • Secondly, given the lack of awareness of VoIP, I wonder if these keyword prices are all screwed up. Shouldn’t “phone service” be more expensive? After all people looking for phone service are not going to type VoIP!
Ironically, the fastest growing VoIP service, aka Skype, doesn’t do any advertising…. yet!

(Thanks to Om Malik for today's musing.)