Monday, September 13, 2004

Ubiqitous T1 Coverage Across Texas

For those of you who have never lived in or at least been to the state of Texas, it's hard to beleieve just how big this state really is. Imagine taking most of Europe and squishing it into a single state! (Well, except Texas is very sparsely populated.)

The problem with all that land mass is that most carriers don't cover it very well. If you're outside of the Dallas-Forth Worth Metrol area (DFW), Austin or Houston, you can often be SOL when it comes to finding a broadband carrier.

We have good news though! One of our T1 carriers offers complete, blanket T1 coverage across the entire state of Texas. If you can get dialtone - i.e. a phone line - we can put a T1 in your location. And then if you have any neighbors (even if they're in the next ranch) you can hit them w/ a wireless or WiFi shot and share the connection with them to reduce your costs.

Find out about T1 service in Texas at: